Saturday, April 14, 2012

Task 10

IMPORTANT INFO!! There is no play or a movie based on my book, therefore I have discussed it with Mr. Healy and he told me to compare my book with another one I have read written by the same author.
Veronika decides to die is very interesting book. 

Veronika is a Slovenian librarian who suffers from a huge dissatisfaction with her life. Therefore she decides to commit a suicide by overdosing her sleeping pills. While waiting for her death she reads a magazine with an article called Where is Slovenia? She writes a letter to the editor explaining that she committed a suicide because the people don’t even know where her country is. However, her plan doesn’t work out, she wakes up in a mental hospital being told she only has one week left. Being aware of this fact Veronika decides to enjoy the rest of her life to the last bit. She does whatever she wants to at moment without caring about what the other people think. She falls in love with a schizophrenic Eduard. She experiences hatred, love and many sexual acts. In the end of the story Eduard and her escape from the hospital, have sex and get drunk and she waits for her death again. However we find out that what the doctor told her is not true and they only wanted her to enjoy her life again.

Although the author is Brazilian, both of these books take place in Europe. In both books the protagonist is a beautiful, young woman who doesn’t enjoy her life and wants to change it somehow – Maria decides to leave her country and Veronika decides to commit a suicide. Both of the characters like books too, Maria keeps visiting the library in Geneva and Veronica is a librarian herself. The books are based on religion and deep philosophical thoughts as the author’s faith is very strong. Veronika and Maria are afraid of trying something new in the beginning, but unpleasant life situation makes them throw away their good manners and do what they want. Veronika starts drinking, having sex in public and telling people what she really thinks and Maria becomes a prostitute. For both of the girls these things were considered impossible, unfeasible and unbelievable before. Changing their lives entirely they finally find themselves and live their lives way better. In the end of both of the stories they find love and are happy in their unusual relationships. 

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