Friday, April 13, 2012

The protagonist

As there is no antagonist in the book, I would like to talk about Maria's primary motivation. Why does she decide not to marry her boss? Why does she decide to leave Brazil? Why does she decide to become a prostitute? I feel like I keep mentioning the same things over and over in every single post. However, that's what I actually AM supposed to do...... Haha.... Whatever... Let's have a look at my lovely protagonist.....

As a child Maria experiences two puppy loves, unfortunately both of the guys break her heart and that’s what makes her stop believing in the true love. On the other hand she doesn’t like the thought of true love’s no existence. It stays deep down in her heart. When she gets older and starts to work in a little boring store selling fabrics her boss offers her a marriage, but she rejects, because she doesn’t like him. She decides to try something new instead and she leaves Brazil in order to work in Switzerland. Her motivation of moving to Switzerland is finding herself, earning money and experiencing something new.

Another motivation in here is choosing to be a prostitute instead of a dancer. She doesn’t feel very happy after coming to Geneva (nor before that). She works as a dancer but then when her agent invites her for a dinner with a wealthy Arabian man and the Arab offers her 1000 Francs for spending a night with him. Firstly she starts to cry, but then the adventure and the idea of having so much money just for one sex makes her say YES. The second day she says: “When I stopped being who I am I finally found myself.”

When Maria decides to leave her boyfriend Ralf her motivation is her belief that everything should be abandoned while the best time. Although Ralf and Maria are happy together she buys a ticket to fly back to Rio de Janeiro without telling him. This might be the last sign of any kind of motivation in the book. J

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  1. Are you sure there is no antagonist? It isn't always a person. It can be a place, thing, situation or a state of mind. Think about it!