Sunday, April 15, 2012

A critique and my response to it :)

"It is not TIME that changes man, nor KNOWLEDGE; the only thing that can change someone's mind is LOVE." a inspiring line from the book. :)

Paulo Coelho once again wrote an inspiring book which will shiver your skin to a state of Goosebumps. :)
As I was roaming the mall, I always find time to go to the nearest bookstore and buy a book. Looking all over the shelves, I found Coelho's book all arranged in one corner. Knowing that all his books are awesome, I decided to grab another book written by him. Surprisingly, I found "Eleven Minutes" to be such an interesting book.

At home, I easily put a hand on this book, not wanting to repeat the same thing that happened on the book "The Greatest Miracle."

Absolutely, I did not regret my decision. :)
Every page of this book was really disturbing in a way that it will change your views about "sex" and "prostitutes." I believe that Coelho wrote a masterpiece.

I learned a lot of things about viewing life in a positive way, and changing old things to a better new way.

To inspire you to grab this book, I will summarize what I have learned, and this is it:

"Every challenges that we encounter are just part of our life in order to mold us to be a better person. If we let it to overcome us, then we lose a chance of a lifetime. But if we overcome it, then we become a better person. Taking risk is better than not taking anything at all. Playing safe is only a necessity to those people who wants to be stuck up in a state where they're currently belong, but to those who wants to find the adventure of life and see what lies ahead the store, they will try to play it the way it should be even though it means risking their lives. You cannot achieve anything if you do not go out of your comfort zone. Seeking what is not around is better than seeking what you already know.
If you love a person, it doesn't mean that you have to go to bed with him/her and promise him/her everything. After getting what you want, you will leave him/her and say that it was the best thing. That's stupid Bitch!! The truth is this: If you love a person, you will not only touch her/him, but you should also unite with his/her soul and feel the things he/she is feeling. Because pure love means loving her/him beyond what we cannot see. For not all things that are seen by the naked eye are true.
Another point, I learned that living to achieve our dreams means risking everything we had, for better days and better things are yet to come.
Most importantly, I learned that we should learn how to ask and throw away that "shameful" attitude. For in asking, we will learn a lot of things. If we do not learn how to ask, we will be as ignorant as before. According to others, we will be a coconut with nothing inside, but beautiful outside."

My response
I agree with the author of the critique, though it is not a professional one, since I couldn’t find any. The author opens the readers eyes a little bit. He shows that love and relationships aren’t about owning someone but about being with each other with no extra expectations. The girl also says that for getting anything or while trying to reach our goals we have to give up the things from past, but if we do, there is no need to be afraid not to get better stuff. However, I found the book a little bit boring on the first few pages. The author was talking about Maria’s puppy loves.

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