Friday, February 24, 2012

Critical moments in the book

Hey guys, today Im going to tell you about all the moments in the book that influenced the plot somehow. WARNING FOR THE ONES WHO HAVENT READ IT YET BUT WANT TO READ IT: If you read this post, you will know how it is going to end up, therefore it is not that interesting anymore.

So, chronologically.....

First of all Maria gets bored of her life in a teeny-tiny village in Brazil and so she makes an appointment with an European business representative in Rio de Janeiro. The agent likes her and gives her an oppurtunity to be a samba dancer in Geneva. So we move on to the point when she finally lives in Geneva.

While being a samba dancer she talks to her boss and Vivian, a cold Swiss woman, and those two  introduce her to Rue de Bern - a Swiss street in the red district of Geneva. Maria realizes how much more money she could be earning and quits her job. She becomes a high-class prostitute in a Copacabana bar. She gets absolutely devoted to sex with strangers and just enjoys her life and does what she likes - reads books, writes in her diary and works in the bar. She is much better than the other prostitutes, because she is extremely beautiful (something like the girl in my post called Characters) and she does not only please her clients physically, but she is also kind of therapist, she talks to them about their problems and helps them solve it. This all makes her really popular and wanted. She is happy, but deep inside her heart there is a tiny little hope for a true love.

One day Maria goes to a cafĂ© and meets Ralf Hart, a Swiss artist, and they fall in love. He can see her 'inner light', as Paulo Coelho calls it, and she can see his too. They hang out together a few times and also spend a night together. Even though their relationship is the most amazing thing I have ever read about, Maria decides to leave Geneva and forget about this adventure (I wanna slap her in this part).  She goes back to Brazil.

This book is totally awesome, because there are many turning points and one can never predict what the next page is going to bring. So! One of those turning points is when Maria goes back to Brazil. Let’s go back to the night before she left. Ralf came to her house and they had amazing time – no need to tell you the detailsJ.  The second day she goes to Paris just to hang around the city for one day and then she is planning to take the plane to Rio de Janeiro.  Yes, I said she is planning to. It doesn’t work out though. When she arrives to Paris there is someone she loves waiting for her at the airport asking her to come back to Geneva. But before they go to see the Eiffel tower J.

These are the moments influence the plot of the book the most - at least according to what I think haha.

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