Sunday, February 19, 2012


Each character will be posted with a picture of how I imagine them to look like :)

Maria, the protagonist, is the main character. She is a young Brazilian girl bored of living in the middle of nowhere in western Brazil. She keeps waiting for her “prince” to come to the village and take her away. She wants to truly love a guy and wants the love back from him, raise a few kids and live an ordinary life. By the years of waiting her opinion about love and guys generally gets bitter and she decides to go to Switzerland.  In Switzerland she becomes a high class prostitute, but then she falls in love……..  Maria is an especially beautiful, confident, adaptable, passionate feminist.
One of Maria’s beautiful quotes in the book. “At every moment of our lives we all have one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the abyss.” Paulo Coelho.

Heidi, the librarian, looks like a quite girl, but she is the one Maria comes to talk about sex to. She is not shy to ask or answer to Maria’s questions and they talk about sex in metaphors, so the people around don’t get it. They meet pretty often, since Maria is a voracious reader.

Nyah is a prostitute from the Philippines. When Maria starts working in Copacabana (the brothel/bar) she is the only one talking to her and giving her advice about how to treat the men and how to behave while being in Copacabana. She is Maria’s only friend, because the other girls are jealous of Marias physical perfection.  She is the one that helps Maria keep the job and become really good at it.

While living in Geneva Maria meets Ralf Hart, a painter, in a cafĂ©. He is a nice, good-looking, smart, funny, sensitive 29-years old guy.  He was divorced twice, but now, that he met Maria he believes that his love-life can be great again. Maria meeting Ralf causes a critical change in the whole plot and Maria’s dream about true love comes true.

There are, of course more characters in the book, but these are the ones influencing the book somehow and I don’t consider the others very important.


  1. :D :D :D :D :D :D Just love the way u associate each character with each pic :D can't stop laughing, meant in a good way :). Besides, I've read it and u've got one of the best books:) Great choice. What to say, I'm looking forward to your hilarious comments and opinions :) Btw, nice outlay of your blog, so passionate :P

  2. haha thank you :) i know the pics are funny, but seriously, how did you picture them? :D i dont think my comments are gonnabe really funny or something, because this book is AWESOME, both the story and the thoughts of it.... omg i LOVE it!